Stages, A Children’s Theater Workshop Inc will provide a series of Workshops for children 7-18 years of age. The creative approach to drama, music, dance, radio, television and live theater will be used to stretch imagination, develop self-assurance and fulfill every child’s need for self-expression. A series of public productions by and for children will be performed on a regular basis by all children involved in the workshops.


Stages, A Children’s Theater Workshop Inc. will not only provide a creative outlet for young people throughout the East End Communities’ but will also afford a rare opportunity for practicing theater professionals to gain experience with sharing and teaching their specific skills.


Classes that offer experience in creative dramatics will be designed to be of maximum benefit to each individual member of the class. The series of plays performed for young audiences will be staged not only for the benefit of the young participants but also to give each child in the audience as complete a “Live Theater” experience as possible.


The word “dramatics” in this context is often misleading. While drama is a factor in creative dramatics, it is only a tool, not a goal. Creative Dramatics is informal play-making which exists primarily for the benefit of the players. Here drama is used as a tool to unlock and develop the child’s own creativity and imagination.


Children come into this world with the gift of imagination, the power to create, and a need to express themselves. In the process of education, while teaching children to be “well-adjusted”, and to live within the patterns of our culture, we tend to emphasize conformity to the expense of individuality and too often erode this power to create. Experience in creative dramatics under the guidance of a skilled, sensitive leader can help to overcome some of this narrowing down.


With this as its goal, Stages, A Children’s Theater Workshop Inc will provide children within the Hampton Communities the opportunity to experience live theater ; whether on stage or in the audience, and provide the communities with a cultural base for its growing youth and theater audiences of the future.

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